Dave’s got a weblog…

Hello All,
Ok, I finally created a blog. I’ll try to keep the narcissism to a minimum, and focus on useful stuff.

I’ve set up this site as a resource to folks that are investigating SQL Server 2008, due out in February of 2008. I’m giving a short talk today on the vision for the product, the most useful features that are planned, and doing some demonstrations on the functions that are supported as of CTP 4, release in July. I’ll put my code samples here, as well as links to resources I’ve found useful.

Check the links below and to the side, and feel free to contact me if you need help finding something.


UPDATE: spoke at the user group meeting tonight, and got good feedback. Here’s a zip containing 4 demos I did tonight.  Check the links section on the right for links to greatSQL 2008 resources, more to follow.




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