70-452 SQL 2008 BI Exam Walkthrough

Tomorrow I’m speaking with Joe Homnick and Shervin Shakibi on the 70-452 SQL 2008 BI exam. Here’s the details. We’ll walk through a test prep that covers SQL 2008 SSAS, SSIS and Reporting Services.

Of all the aspects of SQL, SSAS is the biggest challenge, its a broad and deep subject with a lot of concepts that don’t map well to other technologies.. it’s unique, with it’s own query language, MDX, and many new concepts.¬†SSIS is the most interesting topic, moving data from anywhere, to anywhere, and transforming the data in multiple ways. Reporting is the most intuitive for me, built on top of SQL queries and .Net syntax.¬†

My strengths are in SQL admin and development, it’s a stretch for me to take on this topic, but it’s a good stretch. I hope the UG members like to stretch themselves as well.




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