Too busy to blog


Despite my best intentions, I haven’t kept up with blogging. The reason why is actually good news… I’ve been crazy busy. Since I’ve last blogged I have:

  • Trained a few SQL classes (MOC 6232B and 2778A, 70-432 and 70-433 test prep.)
  • Built my first WCF Restful web service prototype for a long time client.
  • Built customized SQL reports for an ASP.NET web application.
  • Entered a consulting engagement with a client who upgraded from SQL 2000 to 2008 R2 and needs to learn and apply new features to their 24/7 web application database.
  • Joined a team of consultant developers on a new ASP.NET / Ajax custom project.
  • Created a wordpress blog for a local business and trained the client how to maintain it on their own.
  • Continued to work in ongoing projects involving SSIS, Hyper-V, and general windows and SQL administration.
Also, in all of my free time, I’m investigating the latest SQL Server 2012 CTP, preparing for the new SQL goodness from Microsoft.
Considering how hard many people have it out there in this economy, I feel very lucky and blessed to be in the I.T. consulting industry. It seems like businesses, still timid from the sting of the recession, are starting to invest in their I.T. again.
Anyone else out there agree? What’s your story?




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