SQL 2012 and Powershell 3 SFSSUG Talk

Spoke last night on SQL 2012 and Powershell 3 at South Florida SQL Server User Group today. Thanks guys for having me!

I had lots of content, and was ready to dive into changes from PowerShell 2 to 3, new SQL 2012 Cmdlets, and coding with SQL Management Objects. However most of the group was just starting out with PowerShell, so I had to shift direction, ended up talking more than demoing. 🙂  

Would be interested in doing a PowerShell 101 class for any user group interested in the future. PowerShell is just an incredible tool that any DBA, Server Admin or Developer should learn and apply.

I’ve posted the slides on SlideShare.net

I’ll post the demo code as well shortly if requested, it needs some cleanup before it’s ready to share.




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