Back to Work, and ain’t it Great?

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand a month goes by.  🙂

PASS Summit 2013 was a great experience, made several contacts, a few friends, and learned a lot about SQL, and lot more about this I.T. industry we are in. It’s a big place, and the rules are continually changing.  

It was a pleasure to volunteer as an MCT Ambassador with the other MCTs and the Microsoft folks, helping people prepare for and take their certification exams. I was lucky to witness several very smart (and nervous) people taking the MCM SQL Exams before the program is retired at the end of the year. Talking to ‘potential masters’ during their breaks was inspiring.

One takeaway from the conference for me was the appreciation for the community, and the desire to learn how to give back. What do I have to offer to the SQL community and the I.T. community, both at large and in my area? There’s so many brilliant people communicating so effectively,  I wonder where I fit in, how can I help best? 

So while I’m pondering, I’m working too. As a technology geek,  I’m really enjoying being a consultant right now. I have a few projects taking turns holding my focus, each interesting and challenging. Some of the highlights are:

  • Creating PowerShell 3 modules.
  • Working with some amazing SQL monitoring tools.
  • Creating a simple web service with .Net 4.5 and the REST API Framework.
  • New custom SQL training coming up.

So work is varied, interesting and challenging, and only occasionally overwhelming. I work from home more often than not, which has its own challenges without a doubt. But I’m thankful to be close to my family, and get a few moments with my wife,  and my 5 year and (newly) 1 year old boys throughout the day. So though life is often hectic, it is good. And that’s great. 🙂




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