Hi! I’m David Cobb, principal consultant of Cobb Information Technologies since 1996.cit_logo

I’m a bronze sponsor for South Florida Code Camp 2017.  I’m a big believer in user groups, and consider myself blessed to live in South Florida with one of the best technology communities in the world.

I’ve been an I.T.  consultant since 1996, SQL and I.T. trainer since 2002, and love to work with individuals and companies to help them understand technology and apply it in their areas of expertise.

David CobbI’ve branched out from my main focus of SQL Server into PowerShell and Azure. I’m interested in helping people apply these tools to automate their processes and help them deliver software and services to their customers quickly and reliably.

If this sounds interesting to you, please find me at CodeCamp this March 11th at Nova Southeastern University.




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