My head is in the clouds!

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It has been a few years since I have blogged actively, and I've not had much to share with the community during that time. In these recent years I have turned my focus from SQL and PowerShell (which are still awesome together of course) toward the clouds, specifically Azure and AWS (and soon perhaps GCP.) Some day perhaps I would like to write about that learning process, as I transitioned from one narrow focus on a few technologies to such a broad technology scope as the cloud. It definitely requires time, patience, a passion to learn and share, and continually building connections between what is already known and newly acquired knowledge. Perhaps the biggest challenge is acknowledging I'll never know enough to really feel as confident as I did back…
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16 month without a post, must be some kind of record... I have been busy. I got married and had a child, so I'm sure that's all the excuse for not posting that I need :) I'm speaking tomorrow at Code Camp 2009 , on something new to me but very interesting, cloud computing. I'm talking on the Windows Azure SDK, a toolkit to enable .NET developers to write cloud based applications. It's like writing ASP.NET, but without concern for the web server, since it could be hosted on any server in the cloud, and without SQL Server database access or file access but using Windows Azure Storage Services instead. Stay tuned..
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