Catching up on blogging, new opportunities

So today I’m catching up after a year of no posts. While I can see the value in blogging, I’ve just had too many distractions to count. Recent events have convinced me it’s important to start up again.

I recently attended the first PASS SQL Rally in Orlando, had a great time, met good people, and learned a TON. After learning so much from the fine folks that volunteered their time and knowledge to the SQL community (THANKS GUYS!), I think I’m finally starting to get it… blogging and speaking and participating in the community gives one back way more than it costs, in terms of learning, in recognition and connections, and in challenging opportunity.

I’ve been invited to submit a topic for the South Florida IT Camp Saturday event in Fort Lauderdale July 23rd. Choosing a topic has been difficult. While I focus on SQL Server training and consulting, I have skill and interests in many technologies. Here are the coolest technologies on my radar:

  • Hyper-V and virtualization : Have set up two production installations of Hyper-V for clients, creating tons of value and flexibility at low cost. I see tremendous potential in virtualization for low cost training scenarios, high availability and redundancy.
  • Cloud computing technologies like Azure : Leveraging my SQL knowledge into the SQL Azure space seems very exciting, if only I could find a good learning project. 🙂
  • Sharepoint 2010 / Project 2010 / Team Foundation Server 2010 : I recently set up and configured an installation in a virtual environment for a client who is an accomplished speaker and trainer in project management tools and techniques. The potential for these tools is enormous for distributed development teams with an existing investment in Sharepoint.
  • SQL Server 201(?) : Denali has some interesting features, seen some previews of the SQL Server Development Tools (Juneau) and am eager to see more.

In the coming months I will explore and blog on these technologies if there’s any interest out there. 🙂

There are more great technologies out there too.. all changing the game and making everything we know obsolete. I’m a journeyman I.T. consultant, with a broad knowledge in development and administration. The challenge for me is choosing the most promising set of complementary technologies and focusing on excellence with a few rather than familiarity with many.

So with these thoughts in mind I’ll submit my topic for IT Saturday, and keep you posted.

If you have any thoughts on my technology interests, if you’re exploring these technologies now, or just want some free advice on SQL Server, post a comment or shoot me an email. Would love to hear from you.




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