SQL cluster on the cheap with Hyper-V and iSCSI

Speaking on how to set up SQL clustering in a virtual environment, for development and testing. Discuss options for production deployment.
Now, how to compress 9 hours of setup into a session…
Expect some smoke and mirrors along with some neat technology.

Does anyone have some SSDs I can borrow? 🙂

July 23rd http://itcampsaturday.com/southflorida/

Tentative outline:

  • Setup Hyper-V Host
  • Install two virtual networks (lan,iscsi)
  • Create OS template
  • Deploy and install 3 servers
  • Configure iSCSI storage and targets
  • Configure Windows Cluster
  • Install SQL Node 1
  • Add SQL Node 2
  • Test
  • Discuss production deployment options
  • Q & A




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