Free SQL 2012 hands on learning!

Tech Ed 2013 is over, and now the fun begins for those who could not attend. Dozens of Hands-On labs are available online for us to learn new technologies! Here’s a list of the SQL 2012 Hands-On Labs I’m starting with the Hekaton lab!

PowerShell brain teaser

I’ve been following the buzz about the PowerShell Scripting Games on Twitter, and came across this PowerShell brain teaser from beefycode. Here’s my answer, wish me luck! In PowerShell, when is the following statement true? Explain why.        ( $a -eq $b ) -ne ( $b -eq $a )   The key to this puzzle can […]

Great time at Florida .Net UG in West Palm

Whew! Presentation on PowerShell for Developers to the Florida .Net user group went well, and it was a very lively group. I went in expecting to dig deep into applying PowerShell for GUI application development, deployment and the like. But we had a lot of folks very new to PowerShell, and we had a very […]

Presenting PowerShell for Developers to UG in West Palm

I’ve been asked to present to the Florida.Net user group in West Palm this week, and chose to present on PowerShell for Developers, and here’s why. There are incredible possibilities and utility in PowerShell, most of the marketing and discussion on the web is for I.T. administrators, rather than developers (though there are some signs […]

My First PowerShell Script

Presenting tonight for Florida PowerShell User Group.  “A DBA’s first PowerShell script: lessons learned” Edit* It went great! Slides here Would love any feedback or questions.

SQL 2012 and PowerShell 3 talk at Florida.Net UG

After some tuning I re-presented my talk on SQL 2012 and PowerShell 3 for the Florida.Net user group. They let me ramble on much longer, so I had the chance to do more demos and step through the code more thoroughly. Recieved some really great feedback, and saw more than a few people may have […]

SQL 2012 and Powershell 3 SFSSUG Talk

Spoke last night on SQL 2012 and Powershell 3 at South Florida SQL Server User Group today. Thanks guys for having me! I had lots of content, and was ready to dive into changes from PowerShell 2 to 3, new SQL 2012 Cmdlets, and coding with SQL Management Objects. However most of the group was just […]

SQL Alert when you’re low on disk space

I found this gem while troubleshooting a SQL Server with a backup drive that filled up often. It uses the WMI provider will alert when ANY drive on the server goes below 10GB. You can change the value ‘10000000000’ below to adjust this. You’ll also want to change your operator from ‘Support’ to your operator […]

Windows 8 is released to manufacturing

They just posted the release of Windows 8 20 minutes ago. I’m officially on the lookout for a reliable howto for setting up dual boot on my Win7 Ultimate laptop. I DO NOT have the time to learn by trial and error. 🙂 Anyone?

Copying indexes from Oracle to SQL Server

I’m working with a client that has access to an Oracle 10g database containing transactional data that they copy to their new SQL Server 2012 as a data warehouse. (We recently migrated the straight from SQL 2000 into SQL 2012, but that’s another story.) They already had scripts to copy the tables and data to […]




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