Windows 8 is released to manufacturing

They just posted the release of Windows 8 20 minutes ago. I’m officially on the lookout for a reliable howto for setting up dual boot on my Win7 Ultimate laptop. I DO NOT have the time to learn by trial and error. 🙂 Anyone?


16 month without a post, must be some kind of record… I have been busy. I got married and had a child, so I’m sure that’s all the excuse for not posting that I need 🙂 I’m speaking tomorrow at Code Camp 2009 , on something new to me but very interesting, cloud computing. I’m […]

Dave’s got a weblog…

Hello All, Ok, I finally created a blog. I’ll try to keep the narcissism to a minimum, and focus on useful stuff. I’ve set up this site as a resource to folks that are investigating SQL Server 2008, due out in February of 2008. I’m giving a short talk today on the vision for the […]




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